Midas Group has Selected UK’s Largest Roofing Company to Fit a Durable Watertight Surface

Midas Group has selected the UK’s largest roofing company to fit a durable, watertight surface for a three storey roof-top car park in Solihull near Birmingham.

The 3,500 square meters of mastic asphalt was laid by BriggsAmasco’s City and Guild-trained installers. The surface was put on the car parks concrete upper decks. The project required up to 54-tonnes of asphalt being used every day on the machine led sections of the roof. This required an expert level of management in order to make sure there was a steady supply of the materials.

One particularly complex section of the project required contractors to close some sections of the car park in order to bring in cranes with tanks full of the asphalt on to the roof. This required a great deal of coordination and planning with the local authorities as well as the clients in order to see that the task was carried out with minimum delay and disruption as well as ensuring the lowest possible safety risk for the public.

Mastic Asphalt is an effectively durable and waterproof surface that can endure heavy volumes of traffic as well as being successful in terms of sustainability. The Mastic Asphalt is recyclable and carbon-zero. It is also a system that offers a 100% co2 neutral solution for surfaces such as the car park project. However, it requires a great deal of skill and training in order to make sure it is installed correctly. Therefore, it is understandable that Midas gave this contract to the UK’s largest roofing company. Awarding the contract to BriggsAmasco seems obvious when the logistics and scale of the Solihull project are laid out. The Mastic Asphalt is the perfect surface covering for asphalt paving such as that used on the Solihull car park.

The installation took place over the winter, giving the installers the weather to contend with, and there had to be a temporary stop put on the project because of this. The Mastic Asphalt needs dry weather in order to be laid correctly but due to the good management of the project, the product was installed successfully.


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