TP Bennett Appoints New MD’s and Consultant

TP Bennett is the leading architecture and design practice with offices in London’s Bankside Quarter and Manchester’s Northern Quarter. They also have affiliate offices in more than 20 countries. The architecture firm has appointed two new directors. The directors, Kevin Bell and Daniel Dominguez are also joined by a new consultant, John McIntyre. The new appointees join from the custodial sector of Capita Property and Infrastructure Architectural team. It is thought that the new directors will be able to support the practice when further improving its expertise.

TP Bennet’s have elected new appointments in order to expand the firm’s sector knowledge. The architectural firm already has experience dealing with residential, Health, education, and security as well as public sector and hospitality.  The two directors Bell and Dominguez and McIntyre the consultant have worked together for over 18 years on a variety of projects in a slightly different sector to TP Bennet’s main focus. This experience is in prisons, rehabilitation facilities, courts, police stations and immigration centers. The mixture of experience will come together to provide even more support to TP Bennet’s already strong portfolio of social architecture.

Kevin Bell and Daniel Dominguez were leaders in the designing of the Justice Design sector located at Capita. The two new directors will be bringing a combined experience amounting to over 40 years. During this time the pair have successfully been able to deliver projects working with the Ministry of Justice and the private sector.

John McIntyre was formerly he director of the Capita team. McIntyre joins TP Bennet as a consultant alongside Bell and Dominguez. This team aim to work together in order to create prison spaces that are educational and engaging in order to increase the chances of rehabilitation. TP Bennet share the same principles as the new appointees and look forward to expanding their expertise and pool of clients.


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