UK Power Networks have Selected Six Contractors to Help Refurbish and Upgrade the Electrical Infastructure

UK Power Networks have selected six contractors as part of the projects to refurbish and upgrade the electrical infrastructure across the South East of England and East Anglia. One of the contractors that has been awarded the works is SPIE UK. The company has been awarded a noteworthy Wood Pole Overhead Line framework. The project is initially set to be two years but has a four plus two-year extension for their project.

The contract awarded to SPIE is part of the £920 million investment project that has been taken on by UK Power Networks. In the first year of the project SPIE will be on site in the East of England, outside of Colchester. From here the company will manage the design as well as the planning of the projects that are associated with the overhead distribution system.

The subsidiary of SPIE Group is an independent company and European leader in multi-technical services. Focusing on the areas of energy and communications, the company provides energy, safety and environmentally focused solutions for their clients. SPIE UK employs more than 3,000 staff and also work from a variety of different regional offices around the UK.

SPIE’s main focus will be on the wooden poles that support the cables that will be running from 230 Volts up to and including 132,000 volts. The intention behind the project is to keep the lights on for 3.5 million homes as well as businesses across the East of England by updating and replacing the cables. The overall project will see the replacement, refurbishment, and construction of a variety of different overhead lines as well as pole inspections, changes and some terminations.

UK Power Network will also use SPIE as their storm response team throughout the year. The expertise required for the updating project are provided by SPIE and the project should improve the performance and capability of the electricity network.


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