ACO Water Management Revealed as the Winner of the Tender to Provide Drainage Services

ACO Water Management has been revealed as the winner of the tender to provide drainage services to the former Battersea Power Station. The tender for on the high profile development has been won by ACO Water Management.

The new development is called Nine Elms and is part of the Central London regeneration Zone that stretches across 200-acres. The old Power Station is at the heart of the development area. Once completed, it is thought that the Nine Elms development will consists of more than 3 million sq. ft. of space that will be used as shops, restaurants, offices, and cafes. There will also be 4,000 new homes built as part of the development.

ACO has won the tender that will require 2,200 meters of drainage to be installed on the site as part of Phase one of the development. The tender specifies MultiDrain M100 and Brickslot grating to be installed as well as galvanized steel channels that will be used to help the speedy removal of surface water in the area. The Brickslot has been designed to be unobtrusive that combines with the MultiDrain in order to produce discreet drainage solutions for the development. There are vertical slots in the grating that allows the pavement to be laid up to the unit’s edge and when finished will create a secure drainage system that is protected against vandalism and loose gratings.

Phase two of the development involves the redevelopment of the areas that surround Battersea Power Station. These developments include a pedestrianized Electric Boulevard that will be home for 45 new shops, 12 cafes and restaurants and over 1,300 new homes. It is thought that the Power Station development is one of the most significant developments in the world therefore it is a great project for the drainage solutions company to add to their portfolio.


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