British Institute of Facilities Management has Publishing the New Guide

A new guide for the facilities management of professionals that are working with clients on BIM construction projects. The British Institute of Facilities Management has published the new guide that will act as new guidance for facilities managers. The Employers Information Requirements is a document that will support clients that use Building Information Modelling.

The document is 47 pages long and presents the information in a user-friendly way. The Employer’s Information Requirements shows the user how to specify their exact requirements for the design and the construction phase of a build. The document also provides advice for expressing their requirements throughout a full life-time operation.

The intention behind the Employer’s Information Requirements documents will be the support of Facilities Managing professionals as well as their clients that can provide a template that will allow clients and the facilities managers to meet any individual requirements that there may be for the project. This template provided by The British Institute of Facilities Management can be tailored for both the client and the facilities manager in order to get the most benefit out of the information.

This new document follows previous advice published by the BIFM in Operational Readiness Guide for Facilities Managers which has been out in circulation since April 2016. Since last April, the Central Government has been commissioning construction projects that would require the BIM in order to procure and deliver the project. It is thought that the BIM will be able to streamline the construction process which means that projects will be able to deliver improvements in cost as well as carbon reduction. It is thought that BIM is being used by a wide variety of private sector clients and across a wide range of built assets.

The Employer’s Information Requirements has been published to complement the other guidance that has been published by the BIFM and will continue the support of facilities management professionals as they work to understand their role within the BIM process.


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