CNG Completes Landmark Contracts with O’Shea


CNG Ltd.’s Energy connections team is a leader in the supply and shipment of commercial gas. The company has finished the work that was taking place on three landmark contracts made with O’Shea Group Ltd., The London based construction specialists.

The Energy connections team at CNG has been referred to O’Shea as they work around the City of London on a variety of different commercial and residential projects. These projects include the creation of luxury housing developments. The Energy company has worked to deliver a wide range of Energy Connection services across the three major projects that are being worked on by O’Shea. These projects are the creation of 160 apartments located in the Canary Gateway as well as a 23 storey apartment block that is part of The Pump House projects and The Oaks, which is a retail development projects.

The work that was carried out by the Gas supplier includes removing the infrastructure that was already there before constructing and fitting new gas mains as well as the services, meters and outlet pipework required for the developments. Installing outlet pipework is new work for CNG Ltd. and will make a healthy addition to the company’s portfolio. The Energy Connection team had to work to a tight deadline as part of their contract with O’Shea, and also delivered work that was higher than industry standard. Due to their good work, CNG have been awarded the gas supply contract for these developments. This supply contract will mean that there will be a consistent and smooth delivery of services as well as a simplified contact process for the clients of the developments.

The Energy Connections sector of CNG is expanding quickly and is a growing section of CNG’s portfolio. Energy Connections has the ability to offer design, planning and installation of gas networks as well as the delivery of the gas mains and the relocation of any existing gas facilities in order to deliver a bespoke service to their client.


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