European Investors Said That They Would Review and Most Likely Delay Plans to Sell Property Assets

It has been revealed that the majority of European Investors have said that they would review and most likely delay plans to sell property assets because of the French Presidential election victory for Marine Le Pen’s party. 56% of real estate investors that were asked have said that they would delay their plans because of the new round of election results.

According to new research that has been carried out over February and March 2017 by Citigate Dewe Rogerson shows that real estate investors could be affected by the French presidential election. Along with this, 48% of the investors said that depending on the outcome of the German Federal Election they would have to rethink their disposal strategies. The German Federal Election is due to take place on the 24th of September. Intertrust has carried out research that has the possible impact of the political uncertainty on investor behavior.

91% of investors have cited the French Presidential election as a key factor for their investment decisions over the rest of the year. 73% suggested that their decisions would be affected by the German election, 68% on the effect of Donald Trump, and 58% of investors will look to Brexit negotiations when making decisions.

It has also been highlighted by the survey that 42% of real estate investors consider the potential for a terrorist attack in the UK or mainland Europe when reviewing or delaying planned property sales.

It seems obvious that the French Presidential elections will impact European real estate investments. Despite the possible impact the elections could have, the appetite for investment across Europe has stayed steady because of the market’s reputation for being a low volatility asset with a good yield. Although, even with the stability of the market, investors are still thought to be keeping an eye on the upcoming elections which means there could be some reluctance to invest in higher risk countries.


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