Kier Appointed Actavo Building Solutions to Help With the Completion of an Offsite Construction Project

Kier has appointed Actavo Building Solutions to help with the completion of a prestigious offsite construction project that is located in Eastbourne. It is thought that the UKs fastest-growing modular construction company, according to Plimsoll Analysis, has been selected to help with the construction work by Kier on the Devonshire Park project. The two will work together in order to provide a players’ village that will be two-storeys high ready for the Aegon International Eastbourne tennis championships that are happening in June 2017.

The work on this development started in January 2017 and it is thought that it will be completed by May 2017. The site will have open spaces that will be used for fitness training, as well as changing areas and showers, WCs and a platform lift that will allow disabled access on to the second floor of the athlete’s village. The facility developed by Actavo and Kier will provide an environment that is conducive to relaxation for the players while off court. This ethos in the build is shown through the generous ceiling heights as well as the lounge areas that have views across the courts as well as having high quality fixtures and fittings.

It has been said that offsite buildings are becoming increasingly sought-after as customers find them a faster alternative to more traditional construction method because modular buildings allow for the facilities to be constructed in half the build time which means that the operations are faster and buildings are completed in a shorter space of time.

For this development the Mono-crystalline PV panels as well as a high efficiency mechanical heating system will mean that the finished facility will have a reduced energy consumption. There will also have a full height glazed curtain walling in order to provide a high level of visibility across the grass courts. The concrete floor solution provided by Actavo will give the building a robust and durable feel.


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