NEBOSH Confirmed That UK Employers Expect Applicants to Have Relevant for Health and Safety Positions

The latest Jobs Barometer research carried out by NEBOSH has confirmed that UK employers expect applicants to have the relevant qualifications for Health and Safety positions. Applicants are expected to have the relevant professional qualifications for a Health and Safety position before applying.

The research has shown that 90% of the job advertisements in the Safety, Health and Environment sectors specifically asked applicants for at least one NEBOSH qualification. This percentage is up from 83% when the research was carried out last year.

The NEBOSH Jobs Barometer Survey is research that takes place every year. The Barometer reviews 100 health and safety positions that are advertised nationally in the UK. The research looked at positions available between the 25th January 2017 and the 24th February 2017.

50% of all the positions advertised during this period specified a NEBOSH Diploma, which is a degree equivalent degree. In these potions, where a NEBOSH Diploma was required, the advertised salary was up to £49,000. This is 16% above the £42,000 top end salary that was advertised when a Diploma was not specified.

More employers are requiring a higher level of qualification from their applicants, it is thought that this is an attempt to reward those who have chosen to continue their professional development. 51% of vacancies advertised nationwide wanted a NEBOSH Certificate-level qualification, this is an increase from the 45% found last year and the 38% that were found in 2015.

It is thought that the top industry qualification is NEBOSH and it is often specified when advertising jobs as the preferred qualification. It has also been found that the position is more likely to require a NEBOSH qualification if the hiring manager has followed the same qualification route and has had a positive experience.

Construction and engineering are thought to be the dominant sectors in the Safety, Health and Environment positions, although they have experienced a fall from 39% to 35% of the job advertisements since last year.


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