Sunseap Will Be Working on Their Largest Town Council Solar Project


It has been announced that Sunseap will be working on their largest town council solar project. The company will be working with Tampines Town Council in order to install solar panels on 153 blocks of flats. These blocks of flats are part of the Tampines Estate and it is thought that the energy generated by the solar panels will be able to power the common areas of the buildings, including the lifts and corridor lighting.

Sunseap is a leader in clean energy supply for Singapore. The Group has 3 business units and specialises in rooftop solar power solutions. Sunseap is thought to be one of the largest sustainable energy providers in South East Asia. The company will be able to provide Tampines Town Council with renewable energy in what is considered the largest aggregate solar project undertaken for a town council in Singapore.

The panels installed will be 11 MegaWatt-peak PV Systems. It is thought that the solar panels will be able to generate as much as 14 GigaWatt of solar energy each year. This energy is sufficient to power the common facilities in the estate. The use of solar energy should also work to offset six tonnes of carbon dioxide every year for the estate.

This pilot project could lead to more public housing in Singapore installed with solar panels. It is thought that solar power makes up 1.5% of the total energy consumption in Singapore. This percentage equates to the energy needs of around 26,000 four bedroomed flats. There is a plan in place to generate 5% of Singapore’s energy needs through solar power by 2020. This new project will help greatly towards this target, and is it is successful, more public housing could see solar panels used. Other options such as solar powers on reservoirs are also being looked at in order to overcome size limitations.


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