Swiss Developer R and M Produce New Cabling Range


The Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems, R&M has produced a new cabling range that fulfills European and international safety standards. The global developer develops their cabling for high-quality network infrastructures that are based in Wetzikon. This new product will meet the requirements laid out by European Construction Production Regulation. R&M have managed to meet these requirements ahead of time. The company has been working to label installation cables with the fire protection classification that is defined in the CPR. The pre-terminated cabling systems will also be receiving the appropriate labeling from the 1st July.

It is the aim of the CPR to protect people in buildings from the effects of a fire in an emergency. Therefore, the focus of the Construction Production Regulation will be on making sure that the cables that are permanently installed in buildings must be tested and labelled. The fire behavior of these permanently installed cables must be noted from July 1st. Through this regulation, data and communication cable are going to be the most affected. Both copper and fiber optic cables will be impacted by the directive as well as pre-assembled cabling links if they will remain in the building permanently.

R&M have already adjusted their cabling range in order to meet European and international safety, fire and health standards earlier than required. This means that the company’s cabling will be able to offer the market products for all fire protection classes. This could give them a competitive edge, having already worked to reach the regulation levels. Using the CPR, the EU makes the fire protection properties of each product comparable. However, each member state has to individually define the minimum fire class required depending on the application. This means that the requirements could still vary widely around Europe. It is advised that planners and installers check the local area requirements before specifying the fire class.


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