2.4 Billion Pound Investment for Smarter Motorways

ProCon Partners is a project control consultant business that works as part of the engineering and
construction industry. The consultants have announced that they have managed to win a number of
new projects that will be carried out alongside Highways England and will make sure that smart
motorway systems that are being installed around the country are undertaken and carried out
successfully and efficiently. The consultancy company that work with project controls has been awarded
the contracts that have an estimated value of around £2.4 billion. The projects will cover the M4, M1,
M6, M20, M23, A14, and A21.
It is thought that order to help out throughout the construction of these new smart motorways,
ProCon will be making use of their bespoke Live Reporting and Analytics Service. This system that will
be deployed while the smart motorways are being built will allow Highways England the opportunity to
improve traffic conditions for the 100,000s of different drivers that use the motorway network each day.
ProCon as the project controls consultants on the Highways project will be working with the
construction and planning teams that are part of the site and will be making sure that the client,
Highways England, are able to follow through on the planned road upgrades in a safe and efficient
manner. The company will be analyzing the project throughout to make sure the Highways England are
carrying out the works that will see a larger capacity of vehicles while also keeping the volumes safe and
making sure that the road users experience as little delay as possible while the work is being carried out.
The analytics and observation technologies and services that can be provided by ProCon will allow those
carrying out the construction work to get almost a live-feed of news regarding the construction work
which will allow them to make informed and speedy decisions when faced with a challenge. The service
provided by the Project controller will also forecast any problems, meaning that problems can be
addressed before they arise.

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