AECOM Announced That They Have Finished Some Distinctive Landscaping Designs

AECOM has announced that they have finished some distinctive landscaping designs for the project that will see Dreamland, the historical amusement park that is located in Margate. The amusement park was opened in the 1870s. The amusement park will be opening this week after undergoing some major renovation work. The work should see the sensitive upgrade of the park, with restored vintage rides and the introduction of a range of different modern facilities.

One of the new facilities that has been added is an open air venue that has the ability to hold 15,000 people. The venue has been designed and built with music venues in mind and it is thought that the space will be ideal for such performances.

The design that has been drawn up by AECOM covers the entire of the 3.5-acre site and will look to upgrade the open and hard surfaces that the park had before with the use of greenery and plants that are well suited to the coastal theme park. The intention was to create green spaces around the vintage rides and make the whole theme park fell more intimate and create an open parkland area that is a perfect location for the main stage area of the park. As well as the transformation to the theme park site AECOM has designed the 1.5-hectare space that will be an expended park space for the public to use and contains the 15,000 capacity events space. The performance space, called the Scenic Stage will have a food court plaza nearby and will also have a public amphitheater surrounding it.

The plans depict the installation of more than 1,000 trees and 60,000 different shrubs that will suit the seaside aspect of the theme park and the microclimate of Margate. As well as the design for the landscape in the newly renovated park, AECOM provided a number of different services to the redevelopment project. These services include engineering, cost management, lighting and wayfinding for the project.


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