The Considerate Constructors Scheme has announced the winners of their National Site Awards. It has been revealed that the winner of the Most Considerate site this year is the Graham-BAM Healthcare Partnership. This partnership has been formed by Graham Construction and BAM Construction in order to complete work on Ulster Hospital Phase B2-General Ward Block. This project also forms the basis of the award. The Graham-BAM Healthcare Partnership was awarded with the title of Most Considerate Site in the category of projects that were valued at £50 million and above.

On top of this prestigious award, Graham was awarded five silver and two bronze awards for a number of their sites that are located around the country. It is thought that the National Site Awards are one of the most respected awards in the UK construction industry. The Awards scheme looks to recognise scheme registered sites that show the highest possible levels of consideration as well as respect for the community, environment and Workforce.

The Ulster Hospital Phase B2 project includes the construction of a seven storey ward building that will house a procedural area and 288 en-suite bedrooms that form part of 12 impatient wards. The development will cover 30,000 sq. m. and has also been designed in order to comply with the highest building and infection control standards. The project monitors have been praising work on the site because of the attractive appearance and presentation of the new building while also recognizing the low profile of the team working on the site in the hospital environment. The project also has connections to local schools, charities and stakeholders in order to positively advertise the industry.

It is a huge achievement for all of the companies that won a 2017 National Site Award and the scheme reflects the intention of the industry to continue to deliver world-class projects while also adopting the Code of Considerate Practice.