Costain Announced That They Taken On Their 4,000 Trainee

Costain announced that they have taken on their 4,000th trainee. IPS Communications’ Kieran Campbell will be joining the Supply Chain Academy their 4,000th trainee. The massively successful training academy is thought of as the industry leading academy for the Supply Chain sector. As a demonstration of the training academy’s success, it has been used by 127 different Small and Medium sized businesses from the industry.

The Supply Chain Academy is a training course that is operated by Costain staff. The training facility also enjoys the support of a number of Costain’s more strategic partners that prove exceedingly beneficial to the Small and Medium sized suppliers that are interested in the training process. The Supply Chain Academy has been structured in order to allow the Small and Medium sized suppliers learn the necessary skills to expand in order to successfully deliver more projects.

The Training courses are free and module based and cover a wide range of topics. The subjects looked at as part of the Supply Chain Academy includes BIM, insurance, equality and diversity in the company. In order to deliver projects successfully in is imperative that the supply chain meets the desired standard. Therefore, the academy is vital to develop the supply chain and supply organisations with the skills required. The Supply Chain Academy allows Costain to share their knowledge of best practice within the industry it also means that the industry will have knowledgeably suppliers who are trained to a high standard.

The Supply Chain Academy shows how Costain is managing to meet goals from the corporate world as well as making their strategy more efficient. The Academy was first started in 2011 and it is a reflection of how important the training is that the training centre has already taught 4,000 people. The Academy is available to SMEs all around the UK in order to make sure that all different regions have access to the training.


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