The EAUC Has Chaired An Event That Was Held Last Week

The EAUC has chaired an event that was held last week. The event was focused on examining the different approaches that are taken towards capital project delivery. The event was organised by the University of Oxford and the University of Warwick and had around 100 people attend from across the post-16 education sector as well as the construction industry.

A debate took place that was facilitated by the CEO of the EAUC, Iain Patton which created the opportunity to consider the number of different possibilities and challenges that are created when operational energy performance as part of the construction process is addressed.

It is thought that both colleges and Universities are stand alone in their ability to influence their operational energy performance because each of the universities and colleges around the UK are owners and managers of large, complex and ever growing estates. It is thought that making sure the post 16 educational sector is prepared for a sustainable and long lasting construction phase that future developments can avoid a pile of costs related to energy performance that could have been addressed before in the earlier stage of the construction.

Other things that were looked at the chaired meeting was it is important that the basic metrics, skills procedures and other contractual arrangements are known and understood in order to allow for the proper delivery of the project. Also considered at the event as whether the sharing of best practice procedures that have come out of previous projects carried out in higher education can help with capital project delivery. The other topic that was discussed as part of the event was the risks, gaps or different opportunities that are available for the client or their supply chain partnerships in order to deliver a project that has both value and quality. By working together, the higher education sector and the supply chain can create more and more successful projects which is positive for both industries.


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