Flowscape Work on a Human Level So That Employees Bring the Key to a Successful Business

Flowscape work on a human level to showcase their belief that happy employees bring the key to a successful business. The company aid others to create pleasant work environments hiring 1,000 employees a year to spend 60,000 annual hours on unnecessary friction-the equivalent to thirty full time jobs.

With the most offices experiencing some types of friction in the workplace, no matter how big or small the issues may be, Flowscape make it their business to help their clients remove difficulties and make a work environment that is productive, while also reducing overall costs.

Their human approach is unique, simple and personal and works fantastically for all these reasons and more, so the team decided to communicate their beliefs through the form of film. The film itself uses an artistic representation that shows the causes of friction that can be experienced by employees on a daily basis as well as the snowballing damage the effect can have on energy levels across the office/business. Flow can outrival friction and this is the message the company were desperate to get across!

Through the use of cutting edge technology, Flowscape have managed to reduce the amount of time that is wasted and promote the interaction and productivity among a business’ colleagues, they use their main feature: Flowmap to give companies an overview of their offices which enable them to quickly find meeting rooms, equipment, desks and coworkers.

Ericsson and Flowscape have started a cooperation which aims to help Ericsson’s employees have an easier time reserving work space and communicating with colleagues. Facility management and IT are combined to transform offices into modern workplaces that have a genuine care for those working in the business. The Flowscape app aims to optimise the workplace offering several useful features for a variety of businesses that keep everyone up to date with optimum ease, speed and efficiency.


Latest Issue

BDC 314 : Mar 2024