Full marks for Fusion with ISO Standards

Fusion Building Systems has successfully passed its transfer assessments to the ISO9001

Fusion Building Systems has successfully passed its transfer assessments to the ISO9001 and ISO14001 2015 revisions without incurring any non-conformance remarks, making them a top quality company to work with. The ISO standards specifically for quality management and environmental systems are key to Fusion’s work in the offsite construction industry, where developers can be severely penalised for not demonstrating due diligence.

Revised in 2015, the new standards require an organisation to demonstrate the use of a continual improvement-based management system, supported by that organisation’s senior personnel. Over the past 18 months, Fusion has done just that – for example, by training many of its employees in the recognised ‘Six Sigma’ techniques and tools for process improvement. And, by re-assigning one of its key personnel Adrienne Clark, from purchasing manager to continual improvement coordinator, making her solely responsible for the operation of Fusion’s Targets to Improve (TTI) system.

Under Fusion’s TTI system, each department is required to present ideas for improvement projects and provide justifications which consider financial, health and safety and environmental implications. If ideas are accepted, implementation teams are set up and progress monitored against set targets. This system has proved so effective, it has now become a fundamental and permanent part of Fusion’s operations.

Drew O’Mahony, Fusion Building Systems’ head of technical quality, said: “As it states on the ISO website, International Standards make things work. They provide an assurance of quality, services and systems and our business certainly couldn’t have achieved the success it has without these stamps of approval.

“We challenge ourselves on a daily basis to improve the way we work, to innovate our products and to find ways of developing new solutions which can help drive the offsite construction industry forward. Having our working practices recognised and approved under the latest revisions of ISO9001 and ISO14001 means as a team we can be satisfied that we’re amongst the best in the industry, and our clients can have peace of mind that we continue to be worthy contractors.”

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