Giant Retail Sign Made for Barnshaws Polska

Barnshaws Polska has been using their expertise in the construction of a giant retail sign. The sign is
located in Hungary and Barnshaws has been able to use the specialist knowledge of the fabrication of
steel while constructing the sign. The main contractor for this project was a company that originates
from Budapest and awarded the contract to Barnshaws because of their reputation for working with the
materials specified for the sign.
Barnshaws is known for their ability to create and supply curved sections of steel for a number of
different projects. As part of this sign work, the company worked to supply around 40 tonnes of steel
that had to be precision rolled in order to make sure that the cylinder and cones that were created fit
perfectly and were able to support the Triangle sign structure that sat at the top. The company has
already worked on a number of projects where they have had to supply curved structures of pipes and
tubes to the site of some of Europe’s largest construction projects.
The steel plates that were selected in order to make the structures for the sign included 12,14,16 and 18
thickness. The curved steel specialists then used their in-house rolling abilities which allowed them to
create the different cones and cylinders that were needed for the project. Each of the cylinders had a
height of 3000 mm with diameters of the cones and the cylinders between 1000 mm and 1500 mm. The
sections were then beveled in order to allow them to be welded together easily on the site while the
sign was being constructed. Barnshaws are continuing to expand their reputation as one of the best
profile bending companies in the world. The company works on a range of different projects including
work within the construction sector, power generation, mining, transport and general manufacturing.

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