Lighting Industry Academy Launched Their New Course


The Lighting Industry Academy has launched their new course that will give information about the legislation around lighting products, Product Testing and Compliance Control of the lighting market. It is thought that this course is suitable for those in the industry that are unsure of all the different legislative requirements before placing a lighting product on to the market.

The course that is put on by The Lighting Industry Academy can be completed in a day and will cover in detail the different regulations and directives that are connected to the lighting markets. There are currently twelve different bit of legislation that are required before products go on to the markets which include the LVD, EMCD, RoHS and ERP. All of these requirements can have an impact on manufacturers, importers, and distributors of lighting products therefore it is imperative that those involved in the industry have the correct level of knowledge regarding the law around lighting.

One the product complies with the requirements it then needs to undergo varying degrees of production control in order to make sure that all of the products are the same and all show conformity. The Lighting Industry Academy also has a Quality Assurance model in order to allow those in the industry to appreciate the importance for putting in to place the controls as well as making sure everything stays up to standard. Those on the course will also learn how this can affect the controls on imported goods.

After the theoretical aspects of the course is complete those attending will enter the laboratories in order to allow hands on product testing which is an important part of the product conformity in the lighting industry. The attendees will be shown how to use the reliable Clare test equipment, that is the traditional way of carrying out product testing, and the HAL tester which is the cutting edge production electrical test equipment. Those on the course will have access to this modern equipment because of a partnership that has been formed between the Lighting Academy and Seaward Group.


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