NASC Hosted a Meeting With the CEO of Scaffolding

On the 16th May, NASC hosted a meeting with the CEO of Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand as their London office. The national trade body hosted the meeting with Graham Burke, who was in the UK as part of a family visit and took the opportunity to meet and have an update meeting with NASC.

The two parties took the opportunity to discuss a variety of topic that are of mutual interest. New Zealand CEO and trade body have interests in both the UK and NZ access and scaffolding industries. It is thought that the NASC is a popular trading body. Because of this Graham Burke took a meeting with the NASC in order to see what he could learn from an already established trade bod that is a part of the working at height sector.

The Scaffolding Access & Rigging New Zealand is also a trade body and already has around 100 members. The New Zealand body has been making good progress however it has faced a number of challenges because there is a lack support and administration. This means that Graham Burke has to oversee a wide variety of different sectors in order to combat this.

Graham Burke has been influential in the progress made by SARNZ which includes being involved in the development of good practice guidelines for the scaffolding industry in New Zealand. Graham Burke has also worked to improve industry standards as well as lobbying for issues like the shortage of skilled scaffolders.

The developing relationship between the NASC and SARNZ could be fruitful, with the two training bodies sharing the same concerns and interests. It is unsurprising that the NASC face the same concerns regarding the UK construction industry as SARNZ, and hopefully going forward the relationship between the two trade bodies will benefit the construction industries of both the UK and New Zealand.


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