New Structure for the Senior Management for Scottish Land & Estates

In order to boost the agenda of land-based businesses in Scotland, Scottish Land & Estates has announced that they have created a new structure for the senior management in their business. The Chairman for the organisation, David Johnson attributed a number of major issues including Brexit and the Land Reform (Scotland) Act has led to the restructuring. It is thought that these challenges will require Scottish Land & Estates to keep changing in order to deal with issues in the future that could have an impact on land based businesses.

As part of the reshuffle in the senior management team, Sarah Jane Laing has been asked to join the Board. It is thought that a position on the Board will help Sarah enhance her role as the executive director. Sarah will be joining the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman in order to make a new senior management team. It is thought that Sarah Jane Laing will carry on her work with policy and parliamentary affairs but will also take on more responsibilities from within the organisation.

The change to the senior management team will help the company as it goes forward, and it is thought that all companies need to adapt the climate in order to be successful. Sarah Jane Laing is a well-respected member of the company and hopefully she will prove to be an asset to the newly restructured management team. Sarah has already shown she has the ability to work with a variety of different stakeholders and has also managed to provide a strategy for the direction of the organisation’s policy. Sarah also played a vital part of modernizing the organisation’s communication systems and the representational activity.

Hopefully the restructuring will be successful going forward for Scottish Land & Estates, and will allow the company to overcome the challenges that are facing the industry.


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