SSM Holding AB Has Been Expanding Their Presence

SSM Holding AB have been expanding their presence in the popular suburb of Spånga. The company has recently acquired a new housing project from Nils Johnny Fastighets AB. The housing development is in Spånga Centrum and has a total floor space of 11,400 square meters. It is thought that SSM will develop this recently acquired area in to around 250 cooperative apartments. The site was initially purchased for 65 MSEK and it is thought that there will be additional costs in place as a charge for future exploitation.

Work of the development is predicted to start in the first quarter of 2020. If building goes to plan it has suggested that occupation of the site will occur in the final quarter of 2021. The properties will be located in Spånga Centrum where there are a lot of different shopping and restaurant options. Spånga also has a lot of different green areas and a mixture of different athletic facilities close by as well as a number of public transport options which include a commuter rail line and busses.

The project to build approximately 250 houses will be run solely by SSM. The housing company focuses on one specific customer group when they are creating their properties. The market that is targeted is tomorrow’s urbanites, so SSM work to deliver functional and efficient housing to prospective buyers that are also in good central locations with easy access to public transport. It is thought that the new development in Spånga match the criteria and will be a valuable addition to the company’s portfolio. The company is also carrying out a development in Spånga Torg, and a project that will offer 80 cooperative apartments. It is thought that the apartments of this project will be complete and being filled for the latter part of 2019.


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