Tim Marks Has Been Looking Into the Issues That Could Face the Hazardous Area Industry

Tim Marks in representation of the AEMT and a member of the BSI, IEC and IEDEx committees has been looking in to the issues that could face the Hazardous Area industry when Britain and the UK Parliament have agreed to leave the European Union.

Standards, directives and compliance are all uncertain topics for government during these early stages of Brexit. However, those in the industry are wondering what Brexit will mean for the Hazardous Area industries. And whether there will be an impact on companies that are carrying out work in the UK.

Tim Marks made sure that to begin with he had made distinct definitions between standards and directives. It is thought that Technical standards within the Hazardous Area industries cover the best practice, but not mandatory plans put forwards by experts in the industry. Directive however originate in the European Parliament and is then integrated in to the law of the European members. Directives intend on delivering a level playing field for the Union’s members. The directives within the Hazardous Area industry can block trade with Europe, so the UK will still have to conform with them post Brexit.

After Brexit then, in order to make trade access to the EU easier the UK would still have to make sure that their products or services abide by the EU directives and have the correct certification. In terms of the users within the Hazardous Area industries, it will also prove unhelpful is the UK stop complying to EU directives, and it would be easier to maintain the status quo. However, the UK could alter the DSEAR which is the regulations for dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres, and would therefore not comply with the European directives. However, the European directives are highly regarded worldwide. The DSEAR prevents an influx of non-directive compliant equipment, and is beneficial to the UK.

Tim concludes that the regulations in place to make sure that compliance doesn’t get any more complex and it seems that doing business with the EU should be unaffected by Brexit in this industry.


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