Vivaldi Announced That They Will Be Teaming up With Ecosia

The Web browser, Vivaldi, has announced that they will be teaming up with Ecosia in order to support more environmental projects around the world. Ecosia is known for being a search engine that supports sustainability by planting trees, therefore the collaboration with Vivaldi ill enable the company to extend their efforts supporting environmental projects.

Because of this partnership, the people that use Ecosia in the Vivaldi browser will be able to transform their web searches in to trees that will be planted in some of the most environmentally threatened areas around the world. Ecosia is known to donate at least 80% of their profits gained from search ad revenue in order to support tree planting programs worldwide.

This project means that Vivaldi users will be able to make a big difference to the environment just through using a search engine. By searching with Ecosia, users will be able to monitor their contribution, as a small tree counter, located in the top right corner of the screen shows how many trees that have been planted through the help of the user. Currently Ecosia state that they have planted nearly 7.5 million trees since the company was launched in 2009. It is hoped that the company will have planted 1 billion trees by 2020. This new partnership with Vivaldi will help Ecosia reach this target. This partnership is a reflection of the way that technology can allow millions of different people to contribute to environmental projects.

Vivaldi began operating in 2016 and offers a flexible browsing tool that is fully customizable. The browser offers a range of unique features that includes a built in screenshot tool, customizable appearance of the browser, and the ability organise and handle tabs in a more advanced way than other browsers. Vivladi is an employee-owned company that has their headquarters in Oslo.


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