The Waterman Group Celebrating the Completion of the IFC1 Building


The Waterman Group has been celebrating the completion of the IFC1 building. This building is the first to be completed at the International Finance Centre in Jersey. The IFC 1 building is part of the master plan that will deliver 470,000 sq. ft. of office buildings over six different buildings. The project will also deliver private car parking spaces that are situated below the buildings, and 520 public car parking spaces that will be spread across three levels and situated below a public park created on the site.

The IFC Jersey project will become a new extension on the existing central business district. It is thought that the new development will create a distinct identity for the premier industry on the island. The new extension should also see the connection between the historic town centre and the waterfront strengthened.

Waterman was selected to provide the buildings services to the project as well as work on the environmental, sustainability and structural engineering design of the development. The company selected their team of sustainability experts that gave advice on the project to make sue the building had the optimum levels of glazing and to lessen the impact of solar shading in the design of the front of the building.

It is thought that the IFC 1 building will be the first building in the Channel Island to be awarded with the BREEAM Excellence rating. The performance of the building will be 19% better than the minimum requirement as well as the 20% reduction of energy which is achieved by the low and zero carbon technologies. The technology that is part of the design to make the building more sustainable includes air source heat pump and low energy LED lighting that includes daylight dimming control.

The majority of the IFC1 building has already been let out to companies including UBS and BNP Paribas. As for the construction, the rest of the buildings planned will be split into different phases and will be completed on a building by building basis according to demand for the space.


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