Approval For a New Indian Airport Has Been Announced


Approval for a new Indian airport has been announced. The new development that has taken a significant step forward recently with approval being given to the new airport which will be located in Jewar. The airport will be constructed in the Greater Noida region of India and is said to be located close to Delhi, India.

The news of the new Jewar Airport has been revealed after extensive discussions about whether the construction of the airport should go ahead. There has been a great deal of controversy around the construction of the new airport because of the location. The creation of an airport in Jewar has been thought of by some people as unwise because of its close proximity to Delhi and the airport that is already established there.

The Jewar airport, when the construction work is finished, will be less than 100 kilometers away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. There has also been concern for the operator of the established airport, DIAL, who may be affected by the construction and opening of a new airport. The Jewar location could have a commercial impact on the Indira Gandhi International Airport, with the custom for the airport split in two with the announced construction of the Jewar airport.

It isn’t all bad news however, the Civil Aviation Minister, Ashok Raju has suggested during his visit to Delhi on the 24th of June that the creation of a new airport, just 100 kilometers away from the current one could increase by as much as 91 million by 2020. The construction of the new airport has also lead to forecasts of an increase of passenger traffic to 109 million by 2024. These passenger traffic predictions are why the airport at Jewar has been approved and is expected to go ahead, as it is thought that the Indira Gandhi International Airport will not be able to handle such a significant increase in passengers. The airport is predicted to take five years to construct, with public and private investments and the prospects of increased traffic and economic development.


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