Barratt Homes Scotland Have Begun Their Summer Site Safety Road


Barratt Homes Scotland have begun their Summer Site Safety Road. This event is for the property developer to get involved in the communities that they are working in and to educate children in local schools about the dangers about being on a construction site. The well known house building company carries out this Roadshow each year in the areas around their sites in order to educate local school children about safety.

It is thought that there are around 30 different live sites located across Scotland alone therefore there is a lot of opportunity for accidents to happen and for dangers to arise involving curious children who aren’t fully aware of how dangerous a construction site can be. It is really positive to see a property development company, especially one that operates on the scale of Barratt Homes, to be taking responsibility for the education of children in the areas around construction sites.

In order to carry out the initiative, the Barratt Homes Scotland site safety experts are visiting schools in teams and carrying out 40 minute interactive talks with the school children as well as providing the schools with information packs, to be used or given to parents as appropriate in order to make sure that as many children as possible are kept safe while developments and construction work takes place nearby. The Roadshow will involve the children watching videos and trying on Personal Protection Equipment as well as taking part in question and answer sessions in order to get the safety message across.

The construction company will be starting their presentations in schools on the West side of Scotland. Barratt have said that they will specifically be visiting schools in Wishaw, Robroyston and Bonnybridge. The presentation team is being led by the Safety, Health and Environment Manager for Barratt Homes Scotland, who is Stewart Ponton.


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