Brookhurst Managed to Create Around 50,000 Plain Clay Roofing Tiles


Brookhurst has managed to create around 50,000 plain clay roofing tiles that have been used to top off a property in West Sussex. Brookhurst has announced that all of the thousands of tiles that have been used in order to roof the building were all hand made. This is an extraordinary achievement for the company.

The tiles that have been used on this project, as with all of the tiles that are created by Brookhurst, are made from the highest quality of clay and are formed using traditional processes including hand moulding and coal firing. The tiles that have been created through the most traditional of techniques also manage to be compliant with BSEN 538 and 539 testing standards. These standards meant that the tiles are built so that they are long lasting and durable as well as sufficiently protected from the weather. The tiles have been created in order to be installed on a Scandia-Hus which has been built in West Sussex.

The residence that has been constructed in Sussex is situated in a countryside setting and is on the site of a former orchard and small cottage. The cottage that was on the property site was demolished. After this, planning application was approved that depicted the elegant new build Scandinavian inspired property. The Construction process of the residence used energy efficient processes and materials meaning that it met the Code for Sustainable Homes’ highest standards. The Construction also used the most cutting edge Swedish building technology in order to create a stylish and sustainable new home in West Sussex.
Brookhurst offer a range of traditional tiles which come in nine different colours as standard. The company creates roofing tiles that have are supposed to have 100 years of protection and has undergone a vast degree of frost testing and permeability testing in order to make sure that Brookhurst offer the highest standard of product that they can for their customers.  


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