Carbon60 Has Released Information That Looks Into How Contractors Are Involved in the Construction Industry


Carbon60, the technical recruitment company has released information that looks into how contractors that are involved in the construction industry are managing to increase the number of projects completed that have an element of social value and considerations for the local community.

It now widely considered that the social factors of a construction project is vitally important although does not necessarily receive an adequate level of exposure. Social value as a factor was added in 2013 to Carbon60’s insight. However there is an increased level of recognition being given to it because it has been seen to benefit construction projects.

An increasing number of contractors that work within the private sector are utilising social value as a way of measuring the success of their projects and as more time goes on there is expected to be a higher demand for access to this information in the future.

The Carbon60 report that has recently been published also looks at a number of different case studies and how big companies within the sector such as Kier Construction and Willmott Dixon has been working in order to put more investment into the community around projects that are being carried out as well as taking part in work support and help disadvantaged groups. Similar works that are carried out by these companies and other construction contractors has contributed to a reduction of £15-20 billion that is lost each year by the British Council of Offices in possible social benefits.

Carbon 60 think that monitoring the social value in a project can add extra challenges to a construction project however, it is important for companies to support the local community such as the creation of jobs in the area. The recruitment company feel that supporting and improving the employment in the local area of the is a vital part of adding social value on to construction projects and developments.


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