Different Lifting Options Available Within a Care Home Structure


It has been announced that of all of the different lifting options that are available within a Care Home structure, using a ceiling hoist is the most appropriate across all cases.  According to Good Practice Guidelines, ceiling hoists are the most effective lifting methods. According to research, there should be ceiling hoists installed in at least 5% of bedrooms, and the rooms that have ceiling hoists fitted should also have en-suite facilities. This setup has been recommended for new build multi-occupancy property like nursing and residential care homes.

Clos-o-Mat is a company that is looking at simplifying the process of lifting patients or residents. The care equipment supplier has been working for the past 55 years to provide advice and equipment to customers. Clos-o-Mat offer a number of pieces of toilet care equipment in order to make caring for elderly or disabled people safer and easier. The business is known for being the leading suppliers of toileting technology that is aimed at the elderly and disabled around the UK. Clos-o-Mat has created a complete fixed track hoist service which has been developed with the advice from designers. The company offers the supply and installation of the equipment as well as commissioning and maintenance in order to make sure that the fixed lifting equipment functions at its best and is kept as a safe piece for equipment to lift and relocate people.   

The Clos-o-Mat lifting equipment is a simply designed and allows the care worker the capability to lift someone from a bed in order to transfer them into the shower or toilet and back. The equipment can also allow a worker to lift and move a person from room to room with the fixed ceiling tracks. This will make the lifting and manoeuvring process easier on the person being moved, and give them back some dignity. This new system also works to reduce strain on the care worker’s back and arms as well as makes sure that the correct sling and hoist are always used.


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