General Election Looming and Votes Taking Place on the 7 June


With the General election looming, and votes taking place on the 8th June, the political parties are having one last push for votes from the public. As part of the manifesto, all of the main political parties have released plans for climate change.

The election was first announced in order to stop the struggle that the Prime Minister claims she was facing while carrying out the plans for Brexit. However throughout the campaign the plans to improve or increase the sustainability of the country haven’t been a vital part of the campaign process. Despite this, all of the main political parties have announced some policies in regards to climate change and with the signing of the Paris Agreement being signed, the ability of the country to meet the restrictions that have been applied have been a consideration throughout the election campaign.

The Conservative party has pledged as a part of their manifesto that they will be working to tackle the air quality in the Country. This aim has been announced because of the High Court action that has taken place against the current Government because of the illegal levels of air pollution that have been recorded in some populated areas. The party is expected to release a plan that will span 25 years and will improve the company’s environment while the UK leave the European Union. In terms of the construction and building sector, the Conservative want to create a programme that will help larger companies become more green.

The Labour party also looks at cleaner air, and will also look to put energy distribution back into the public sector. The Party will be working on protecting the environmental protection that have been put in place through Brexit and improve the energy efficiency regulations that are expected by landlords in order to help renters save money on their bills. The political party are also wanting to support nuclear projects and will aim to make sure 60% of all the energy used in the UK comes from renewable sources or through processes that do not use carbon.

We will have to wait and see how how the winning party’s manifesto gets put into action over the course of the next few weeks.


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