Gilberts Has Been Seen Really Successful Levels of Growth


Gilberts the British engineering business has been seen really successful levels of growth recently. The growth that the business has seen has led the the company having to increase their warehousing space by nearly 10%. Gilberts is a family owned and run company that is based in Blackpool.

The company, Gilberts is the leading air movement specialist in the UK has seen an increase in the levels of demand they experience for their advanced grilles louvres and diffusers and other natural ventilation solutions. The company works to supply their products to customers in the UK market as well as overseas.

The company has recently seen in growth in part because of the health of British building and construction sector. This expansion in the construction sector has been reflected in Gilberts’ own development. The company has been investing into a facility to carry out cutting edge R&D and testing. The company has also seen expansion as they has adopted a new sales strategy that has been put into action with the help of a larger sales team. Gilberts has also been able to capitalise on the expansion taking place in the construction sector by investing in progressive processing technology which includes developing a laser fabrication centre. The mixture of all of these investments and developments that have been made by Gilberts mean that they will be able to deliver tailored products that are of a high quality and good value to the consumer as well as offering a range of technical support.

The business’ head office in Blackpool includes a manufacturing facility which measures 85,000 sq. ft. as well as an innovative testing facility. Hopefully Gilberts will be able to carry on making the most of the increase in construction projects and the expansion of the sector in order to continue growing and developing more innovative air movement solutions.


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