Homes for Scotland to Create Around 95% of All New of the New Homes


Homes for Scotland has is an organisation that works in order to create around 95% of all of the new homes that are constructed in Scotland. Of this dramatic proportion of the hose building sector Homes for Scotland also makes sure that they construct a sizeable percentage of the affordable housing that is created in the country too.

At the moment Homes for Scotland has said that a boost in the number of housebuilding projects being carried out could improve the gap that has been created by infrastructure schemes that are nearing completion. Construction projects such as the Queensferry Crossing are soon to be completed and when this happens there will be an gap created in the economy as companies won’t be spending money on building it.

The EY Scottish ITEM Club Summer Update has recently been published and shows that the growth of the Scottish economy over the course of 2017 is predicted to be approximately half that of the UK. In order to boost growth in areas such as the construction industry, Homes for Scotland are advocating more housing development projects. Because of the Summer Update is has been seen as important that both businesses and the government work together in order to see the best growth possible achieved for the country.

It is thought Scotland has a housing demand in the tens of thousands, however the figures show at the moment that the country is still in a decline in terms of the number of houses that are being built. It is thought that by creating more house building opportunities this housing demand can be reduced and met in time. The increased opportunities could also see better health figures as well as education and social improvements.

Currently it is seen as incredibly difficult to open new sites that would allow more houses to be created, although the figures suggest that if the country go back to building houses at the same level they were before the recession, the Scottish Parliament would be able to generate £1.9 billion in economic output as well as generating somewhere in the region of 38,000 new jobs.


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