Jet Aire Has Put An Investment in to Expanding Their Fleet


Jet Aire has put an investment in to expanding their fleet. The drainage contractor has announced that they have invested in their first recycler. This expansion of the capabilities of Jet Aire’s fleet has come after investing around £400,000 for the recycler. The JHL FlexLine 414 unit is thought to be one of four units in use in the UK. The recycler that has been purchased by Jet Aire is thought to be the only unit in operation in the North of England.

The FlexLine 414 in manufactured in Denmark and delivers an eco-friendly performance. The unit manages to cleanse and reuse the water for jetting while on site. This unit will cut down the water used on tasks such as de-silting. Other tasks that the unit can offer an eco-friendly performance of work such as large diameter pipe cleaning as well as a number of other industrial cleaning and waste removal tasks.

Purchase of the FlexLine 414 has come after the Leeds based company has invested in an Ultracoat division in their business. This new division that has been set up by Jet Aire strengthens structures that may be weak or corroded. This strengthening takes place by using an epoxy resin. Another investment that has been made by the drainage contractor is a cutting edge UV lining rig which can be used to repair pipes by inflating liner full of a special resin that is cured by the UV lights and creates a new pipe within the broken one. These new systems are a development on the hot cure and ambient lighting procedure that Jet Aire has been utilising for more than a decade.

The recent investments by Jet Aire means that the business is in a dominant position in the market. Jet Aire has been operating for the past thirty years in order to offer their clients in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors professional drainage solutions. Through making the most of the technological developments, Jet Aire has been able to reduce their environmental impact as well as their carbon footprint.


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