LIA Held Their Annual Luncheon in May


LIA, held their Annual Luncheon in May and during this event Peter Scott officially handed over the role of President of the LIA Council of Management to Dave Ribbons of Luton EA Ltd. Te LIA, or the Lighting Industry Academy. The former President Peter Scott, of Fern-Howard was thanked by the new President on the LIA for all of the hard work he had put into the role throughout his tenure at the position.

The LIA is an association and training academy that is considered to be the largest Trade Association in Europe, joined by a range of different lighting specialists and people operating in the lighting sector such as manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and designers. The aim of the LIA is to make sure that a high standard of professionalism is upheld across the sector. This objective has been continued while Peter Scott acted as President of the LIA Council of Management and this will no doubt continue while Dave Ribbons occupies this position.

The new President of the LIA Council of Management has been mentored by his predecessor before he started in the new role. Dave has been a central aspect of his LIA member company Luton EA since 2013 when her was appointed as the Director of Sales for Europe and Africa. In this position he has to lead and manage a diverse range of different team members. This experience with management will be an asset to him in his new role as President of the Trade Association. Dave has worked with R&D teams in order to develop technology for the future of lighting controls as well as working with Specification, OEM, Distribution and Residential CI channels.

Dave Ribbons is a well regarded figure within the lighting industry and is also a graduate of the certification course now known as the LIA Certificate Course. Dave will hold all of the necessary characteristics to be a successful President and undoubtedly his time in this role will be as successful as his predecessors.


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