Lucideon Has Released the White Paper to be Applied to the Construction Sector


An international materials and development and commercialization organization has announced that they are releasing a white paper to be applied to the construction sector. Lucideon has released the white paper which is titled ‘The Use of Digital Image Correlation in Masonry Research’. The white paper has been co-written for Lucideon by Dr Geoff Edgell who is the director and principal consultant for construction at the company. Dr Geoff Edgell worked on the white paper with Cliff Fudge, the technical director at H+H UK Limited. Lucideon work on developing and testing materials in order to provide assurance to clients in a range of different sectors.

The white paper that has been published looks into how Digital Image Correlation can be used in recent projects with concrete masonry. The paper was first presented at the 13th Canadian Masonry Symposium in Nova Scotia in the 6th of June this year. The digital imaging process has been introduced as a specialised way to monitor the performance and durability of materials and products when exposed to external forces such as forces, weights, strains and stresses.

Geoff Edgell of Lucideon has said that this analysis that is offered by Digital Image Correlation will help to use products to their best capacity as well as seeing how tolerant materials are to external stresses. The Correlation system allows real time measurements of the strains to be taken and an observation of the individual components of a material and their durability.

These developments that are being made through the Digital Image Correlation can lead to new innovations in the masonry sector as well as other materials that are related. Before this Correlation research discussed in the white paper, the impact of stresses and strains could not be measures. Lucideon have invested in the Digital Image Correlation technology and uses it in their structural testing laboratories as well as on site around the UK and the USA.


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