Matthew Goff Has Been Exploring the Quality of Modular Construction


The Director of Actavo Building Solutions, Matthew Goff, has been exploring the quality of modular construction. This modern construction technique has now quite commonplace for both public and private developments.  It could be that the recognition of the benefits for this method of construction by governing bodies could be the reason for its increased use. Offsite construction becoming more widely used in order to save time during construction projects, and modular construction methods being preferred in developments that need to be completed quickly.

Actavo also use this construction technique. Recently the Building solutions business used modular construction for a £750 million NHS modular framework. Actavo also adopted this construction technique on the Hampshire County Council Southern Modular Building Framework. A main benefit to using these construction methods over typical bricks and mortar building is that the manufacturing process has more control involved. In more traditional builds, establishing a consistent level of control over the projects is hard for construction teams to achieve. The production line that is involved in off site construction means that are more quality control systems used throughout the process.

Actavo is accredited with the ISO 9001:2008. This certification makes sure that the the business operates under a strict standard of quality management in order to make sure that there is an high level of management and resources. These accreditations combined with the extra control given by constructing in a workshop should them mean that the quality of the end project is higher than a building that has been created by traditional building methods.

Final inspections of the building components are carried out after individual part quality check and are all complete before the materials then get taken to site in order to be installed. When the materials reach the site, the assembly of the modular building takes place again in a controlled but simple system. If this assembly process were to be reflected in traditional building methods, it would require continuous surveillance.


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