Millionaire Sean Mulryan Funding a Development in London


The millionaire Sean Mulryan is funding a development in the centre of London which is being colloquially called Mini Manhattan. The mixed residential and commercial development is taking place in the Canning Town area of London City Island and eventually the development will be home to the London Film School and the English National Ballet. Hueck, one of the largest suppliers of aluminium windows doors and façade manufacturers and suppliers in Europe has been selected to work on the project. The company has already supplied the profile for the majority windows and doors of the 1,700 residential units.

The construction of the residential towers is taking place in a factory in Holland before being shipped to the UK to be installed. It is thought that prefabrication is the fastest and most cost effective building method, with the Managing Director of Hueck, Leon Friend suggesting that this method of construction is going to be used increasingly in the future, especially when the construction work is taking place in a city centre location where access is challenging. Leon feels that the lack of space the city and the lorry load and emissions restriction being put into place is making more and more development teams look to prefabrication methods in order to create high standard buildings for less money.  

Hueck are delighted to have their products used in the development on 12 acre island. The location is 20 minutes away from the centre of London and it is thought that the luxurious and modern project will be appealing to the creative elite and young professionals living and working in the city.

Hueck UK will be supplying the brightly coloured residential buildings floor to ceiling windows that will give the inhabitant glorious views of the city. The manufacturer and supplier are sure their hight quality products will effortlessly compliment the residential space inspired by the colourful apartment blocks often found in Manhattan and Chicago.


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