New UK Head Office of British Sugar is Set to Begin Very Soon


The construction of the new UK head office of British Sugar is set to begin very soon. The headquarters is set to be built on a 4.5 acre site which is located in Hampton, Peterborough. The building, when finished will act as the UK head office for British Sugar , and will also accommodate global headquarters for AB Sugar and AB Mauri. The new building will have the space for around 350 employees and it is thought that the construction will lead to the installation of a range of state of the art facilities that will support the companies going forward.

Involved in the construction project is CPMG Architects, who have designed the building with the intention of creating a space that emphasises workplace welfare. The contractor that has been appointed for this project has been revealed as Bowmer & Kirkland. The construction services and security company have been selected to carry out the purpose built commercial construction project that will hopefully combine formal and informal working spaces as well as a cafe area and indoor/outdoor working and social facilities.

The design by CPMG Architects is considered timeless and classic and should meet the needs of the inhabitants. The building that has been designed plays on the simple concept of the white box, with nothing outlandish added so that the design still looks fresh in the future. The facilities inside the building will accommodate the requirement of British Sugar now and in the years to come.

For those that are going to be working in the building, natural daylight has been considered with key importance in the design as well as the well being of employees in order to keep the levels of productivity up. The building also accommodates energy efficiency with the size and position of the windows selected in order to make sure the lowest levels of artificial lighting is required. There will also be PV roof panes in order to allow the building to generate solar power and a high thermal mass construction system used with bris soleil in order to regulate the temperature of the building efficiently.


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