Sparrows Group Awarded a Contract to Provide Inspections


Sparrows Group has been awarded a contract to provide inspections on behalf of CertainTeed. The contract will involve Sparrows delivering inspections across 17 of the client’s US Gypsum plants. Sparrows Group is a company that works to deliver specialist equipment and and other integrated engineering solutions that are used within the energy and industrial industries. Sparrows focuses on offering their clients a wide variety of different solutions by using their specialist knowledge in order to offer safe efficient and high performance services. The business is most known for being a worldwide specialist for leading crane, lifting and mechanical handling.

The new contract has been awarded by CertainTeed, who is a subsidiary of one of the largest and oldest building product companies in the world, Saint-Gobain. The company focuses on products that can be used in both interior and exterior locations. For example the company provides products for roofing, fencing, insulation, gypsum and ceilings to name just a few areas.

As part of the agreement that has been formed with CertainTeed, Sparrows will be looking at all of the lifting equipment that is installed at the Gypsum sites in order to make sure that they are operating at their best. Gypsum is known for being one of the leading manufacturers of products that are used in the construction industry. Included in the products that are manufactured are overhead cranes, crawler cranes, loose lifting equipment and hoists.

The new contract is great news for the equipment and engineering services company, as they are working towards diversification. The company is looking at spreading their expert knowledge of lifting equipment as well as their inspection services into different sectors. Sparrows consists of a team that has a wealth of experience inspecting products and facilities and hopefully they will be to work with CertainTeed in order to improve the safety and efficiency of the building product company’s equipment. By offering their services across a number of different sites, Sparrows will be able to make sure that there is a consistent quality of equipment across all of their facilities.


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