The Unsolvable 30 London Buildings Collage Puzzle!

People are losing their minds over a simple collage competition that no one can solve.

Marketers at Vivacity London, a marketing consultancy for the property and construction sector, set about launching a simple ‘identify-the-London-buildings’ competition and discovered they’d created an unsolvable puzzle that has left participants “utterly addicted and committed to cracking it” – Matt Acton MRICS, Project Manager, Heriot-Watt University.

 Choosing 30 iconic London buildings to create a beautiful, eye-catching collage, Jennifer Evans, Managing Director of Vivacity London, hoped to launch a pertinent competition for London’s challenge-loving Property and Construction sector…. only to find that literally no one can solve it.

“It’s clever, beautiful, and enraging all at once – I’m devoted to solving it, if I have to walk the width and breadth of London!” Julian Davies MRICS, Managing Director, Earl Kendrick Associates.

“I’ve been very close to throwing my laptop out of the window, it’s that infuriatingly complex and addictive…I won’t give up!  Sarah Fisher, Director/Owner, MIH Ltd.

The proposal is simple, identify all 30 buildings for the chance to win a business consultancy package worth £7,300, but whether anyone wins it remains to be seen.

At first glance, you don’t imagine it to be that hard as you immediately recognise such landmarks as The London Eye and Tower Bridge. However, as you tick off the first ten or so, it becomes harder to identify where in London you’ve seen that building before and what its name is.

Jennifer Evans, Managing Director of Vivacity London, says: we invite professionals from the sector to play it on their commute, during their lunch break or at home with the help of family and friends, with the chance of winning the deserved prize, but we also welcome everyone else who enjoys a challenge to participant just for fun.

 Think you can solve the unsolvable puzzle? View the 30 Buildings collage and full competition details here:

Email your entry to

Closing Date: July 19th

Winners will be announced on the website: July 21st (if there are any)

“I pride myself on my knowledge of London and I’m pretty hacked off I can’t solve this one!” Laura Passey, Owner, Laura Passey Interiors

“It has me completely flummoxed!” David Graves MRICS, Managing Director, JCF Property Management.


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