BAM Nuttall Taking the Lead with the Generation of Women’s Work Clothing

BAM Nuttall is taking the lead with the generation of a brand new range of women’s work clothing. The products have been specifically designed for women and have undergone rigorous testing on a number of sites in locations such as London., Leeds, Newcastle and Scotland.

The construction company has been working alongside the manufacturer Arco in order to produce the new range. Arco is known for being the premier supplier in the UK of safety equipment and workwear. As part of the new selection of work safe clothing that has been developed there are polo shirts, jackets, waistcoats and trousers that have all been tailored to fit the female shape better and allow for better movement and fit.

If this new range proves to be successful there could possibly be an expansion into more equipment such as safety helmets, gloves, goggles and boots which we could see available in the future. The Health & Safety Director of BAM Nuttall, Phil Cullen has said that the range is an extension of the company’s work to deliver high profile and complex construction projects while encouraging more and more women to join the industry. While trying to encourage more and more diversity in the Construction industry as well as in BAM Nuttall it makes sense that they improve the workgear available in order to make sure that all those working on a construction site have access to the best safety equipment and PPE possible, including clothing.

This project is not an effort to bring vanity to the construction site but rather to improve the safety of the female workers while on site. For example the trousers that are usually worn by women are the oversized options created, like almost all construction clothing, for men. Therefore altering the shape and adding tailoring means that the trousers do not have to be pulled up too high and rolled up at the bottom in order to fit; adjustments which could move the location of pockets and block high visibility strips. It will also look more professional to have all those working on site to be in correctly fitting and professional clothing as opposed to clothing with frayed bottoms from being stood on and torn.


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