Bell Flow Systems Announced the Launch of a New Product


Bell Flow Systems, a company that first started operating in 1997 in order to provide flow measurement solutions to their customers in the industry, has announced the launch of a new product. Alongside their sister company Cortex Displays Ltd, the business has been able to develop in order to meet the changing demands and challenges in the industry. The company now operate by constructing systems and display instrumentation that are appropriate for the renewables and the environmental market.

Recently Bell Flow Systems were contacted a customer who was looking for a solution that was reliable  and could monitor a fire hydrant remotely in order to oversee flow detection and leakage. The site requiring the solution needed a clamp-on form of flow measurement that would work without having to break into the pipeline. Information that will be gathered from the site needed to be accessed by the customer remotely as well as also having the function of visual alarms for the operators and the site office.

In order to tackle this challenge, Bell Flow Systems delivered the TFX Ultra flow meter. As well as this, a Modbus output was also delivered in order to be incorporated into a third party telemetry system. Through the products that have been supplied by Bell Flow Systems, the data that has been taken from the telemetry system then gets stored onto a web portal that is then able to offer the customer a visual representation of the range of liquids running through the systems as well as the small amounts of suspended solids or aeration. The TFX Ultra Flow system has a bi-directional flow measurement as well as a variety of different methods of communication including the Modbus RTU over RS485 communications.

The Meters such as this that are available from Bell Flow Systems include large and easy to read digital displays that are set into an aluminium enclosure for protection, meaning the displays can be placed in a harsh environment.


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