BOSH Launched a New Unique Course Which Has Been Designed Specifically For the Construction Sector


BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection has responded to the demand from the construction industry and launched a new and unique course which has been designed specifically for the construction sector. This new course will offer training for workers in the Construction industry in controlling health risks.

The Certificate in Controlling Health Risks in Construction Is a course that can take 1 day and will cover exclusively controls that can be implemented to manage health risks in the construction sector. In order to create this tailored course, BOHS teamed up with experts from the construction industry in order to carry out thorough research that will make the training course useful as well as testing the training out on personnel from the construction industry.

The need to improve health conditions in the construction industry is growing, with businesses and personnel understanding the need to reduce the number of incidents of ill health of workers in the industry. Health training is becoming a priority in order to protect the workforce but to also cut down on the incidents of sick leave.

In order to reflect this demand it is thought that workers from the construction industry are 100 times more likely to die as a result of ill-health that has been caused by their work as opposed to an accident. As part of this, there is said to be around 5,500 new cases of occupational cancer found each year, with another 76,000 cases of general ill-health connected to work in the industry. These are quite shocking statistics and it is thought that initiative such as the Breath Freely campaign, organised BOHS and the work that has been carried out by organisations such as the Health in Construction Leadership Group are increasing understanding and awareness of the risks.

The training course looks at those who have a functional responsibility for managing the health risks on a construction site and will also directly address the ideas of wellbeing and occupational health amongst the other safety requirements for Health and Safety Managers in the construction industry.


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