Britcon Awarded a Contract Worth £280,000 in Order to Carry Out Work

Britcon has been awarded a contract worth £280,000 in order to carry out work on the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. The Building and civil engineering company has been given the contract on behalf of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust. A team from the civils department at Britcon have been contracted to carry out work to widen Barnsley Road in order to make it three laned. The work included in the contract also covers the improvement of a number of different pedestrian facilities. These pedestrian facilities that are in need of improvement is the lighting in the area and the bus stops along Barnsley Road.

The work that will be carried out on Barnsley road by the building and civil engineering company will be the second contract that Britcon has carried out for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust. Last year Britcon managed to secure a place on their Contractors’ Framework, and since then has already completed a £700,000 contract for the Trust that involved extending the parking facilities at the Northern General and The Jessop Wing.

This second contract will have a number of challenges to overcome in order to be delivers successfully, one of these is the hospital operating 24 hours a day. Britcon has said that in order to overcome this they are working with the hospital in order to look for the most efficient way to accommodate both public and critical ambulance access to the hospital and other routes in the area. Britcon are hoping that the project will be completed in just 18 weeks, an ambitious schedule but one that should be able to accommodate the environment while carrying out the work.

The Contractors’ Framework that has been set up by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust will be investing millions of pounds in order to improve a range of hospital facilities over the course of the next five years.


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