How to Class Up Your Game Room at Home

Whether you’re dreaming of the perfect man cave, looking for a playroom for the kids, or just want a space to enjoy some time with friends you’ve probably dreamt of what to do with that spare room in your home. The only problem with a man cave is that it often looks just like that, a cave. Maybe with some sports memorabilia. That might be fun for a single guy, but when you have a family (or are expecting company) classing up the joint a bit can go a long way.

Even the idea of a “game room” often sounds kind of cheesy. People imagine cheap poker tables, obnoxious leather chairs, and maybe a few other gaudy attractions typical of, say, a Las Vegas casino. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re considering putting together some kind of gaming parlor in your own home we have a few suggestions for how to make it look nice, stylish, and welcoming.

Use An Ordinary Table

One of the quickest ways to make a gaming room look cheesy is to splurge on an expensive gaming table. These types of furniture tend to look weird, and they also limit your options depending on what games they’re geared toward. Instead, opt for an ordinary, nice table that you would want in a study or lounge. There are plenty of styles of poker table tops that you can buy to fold out over the top of a regular table if you’re playing cards. This way you can also use the ordinary table for a family board game night or a fun dinner party. Versatility is always nice, and in this case it keeps the room looking more attractive in between games.

Control The Lighting

There tend to be two prevailing styles for gaming room lighting: dim or gaudy. The former is usually an attempt to cultivate a “man cave” atmosphere, and the latter is meant to imitate Vegas back rooms. Instead of opting for either of these, go for versatility again. Tech companies have been working on smart lighting solutions, and the results are very cool and intuitive. You can install lights that you can change according to the mood of the evening or what games you’re playing. It sounds kind of gimmicky, but as long as you don’t go nuts constantly changing the lighting it’s actually pretty nice.

Use Tech For Spare Games

One of the quickest ways to make a gaming room feel corny is to try to stock it with actual casino games, like a roulette wheel or a cheap home slot spinner. In a home, these are effectively toys. But you can try to incorporate these types of games through technology if you set up a few tablets at a bar counter or side table. It’s actually more fun anyway. Online casino platforms have all kinds of slot games you wouldn’t be able to enjoy on a cheap home machine. There’s a reason slots are the most popular and entertaining games around. And if you ever do want to host a full-fledged casino night, loading up one of these platforms on a few tablets for people to enjoy can actually be a nice touch.

Focus On Comfort

You should never attempt to decorate a home gaming room according to an image in your head of what a poker table should look like, or how a casino’s back room is organised. Instead, just focus on what looks and feels comfortable. That might mean skipping the big leather loungers and going for chairs with more support and cushion. Or it could mean opting for couches in a lounge corner, rather than high stools and tables. Keep in mind this is a room in your house first, and a gaming center second.

These tips should make for a good start. As you focus on final touches and decorat


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