Construction Products Association Has Been Asked to Join an Industry Response Group


The Construction Products Association, or CPA, has has been asked by the Department for Communities and Local Government in order to join an Industry Response Group. This Group is expected to work alongside Build UK and the Construction Industry Council in order to organise and develop the construction industry’s response to the challenges that have arisen in the industry after the Grenfell Tower Fire.

The Industry Response Group will be expected to provide a response that is inclusive and can be employed across the construction industry by using the necessary specialist knowledge and information. The group, working alongside Build UK and CIC are expected to collaborate in order to prevent duplication in their assessments.

The Industry Response Group are also working hard to reassure the public that  construction industry as a whole in the UK are working in order to respond to the review that has been put in place by the Government in order to make buildings and properties safer. The group will include representatives across the three main industry bodies in the UK, including Build UK; the leading representative organisation for the construction industry; Construction Industry Council, a forum established to offer a voice to all professionals in the industry; and Construction Products Association, working for the manufacturers and distributors in the industry.

To begin with the Group will be expected to offer essential advice on how to make specific types of buildings safer in order to protect homes, offices and public buildings. The Group will also be asked to give advice in regards to the most up to date building methods and any other building methods that allow access from technical experts in the industry when needed. There will also be an effort to mobilize the UK when major construction work is required acting as the central government to industry communications point as well as advising the Government on the different sub sectors of the construction industry when needed as well as their ability to carry out work at speed.


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