Construction Tech start-up grows fast with new app for small builders.

24onoff, a tech startup based in London, has launched its new web and smartphone app for the construction market, following successful trials with over 50 small builders, plumbers, electricians and property maintenance companies around the UK.

 According to the consulting firm McKinsey, the construction industry is the least digitised industry in Europe. One of the largest reasons for the industry’s lack of digitalisation is that it still relies mainly on paper to plan and manage its projects.

That´s the problem 24onoff aims to solve: the use of paper makes it difficult to plan and capture the situation in a busy workday. Everyday billable hours gets lost in small paper-based construction companies. Incorrect invoices are sent making the business lose money while also creating disputes between clients and contractors.

– “24onoff removes the paper trail with a easy-to-use, “field friendly” web and smartphone app for construction workers of all ages”, says Sondre Blaasmo, CEO of the growing start-up.

The software enables workers in the field to track man-hours, share progress on projects, upload blueprints and record deviations. While people in the office get an easy overview, helping with both invoicing, project management and quality & safety.

Cut the administration time in half

 The software is now used daily by over 5000 construction workers in Northern Europe, mainly in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

– “We realised we needed to make a unique and customised software for all the small builders in the UK. We’ve now created a product that have helped companies reduce the time spent on paperwork and administration by an average of 50 %”, says Ole Jørgen Næss, Head of Product Development.

Sondre and Ole explain that the majority of the companies involved in the testing phase have now purchased the software.

– “Our employees have been very good at using the app on their phones, so I get a clear picture of their hours during the week. Having this better overview, means I can get invoices out quicker”, says John Mayo, director of Mayo Electrical and one of 24onoff´s customers.

Free for small teams

To kick-off the launch of the new app, the company now offer to allow teams up to 3 employees use the software totally for free forever. With no hidden fees.

– “We offer free use of the entire software to small companies because we believe it’s important to help craftsmanship around the UK. The construction industry is such an embedded part of society. If the builders are doing well, it makes business sense for us to do this, as we grow together”, says Sondre.

24onoff is a software company offering time-tracking, project management and quality & safety. You can find out more about 24onoff and sign up for your free trial here.


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