Cut your bottom line costs With ISO 11011

BCAS (the British Compressed Air Society) is urging businesses to adopt ISO 11011 to cut the cost of running their compressed air systems, even if they don’t have to comply with ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme).


Vanda Jones, executive director of BCAS said;  “Most businesses have no idea what the annual running costs of their compressed air systems are, yet it could be costing them up to 25 per cent of their annual electricity bill.  In today’s competitive world with increasing pressure on margins, any activity that can reduce the bottom line has to be worth exploring.”

Before ESOS there was no process specific standard for assessing compressed air systems.  Working with its members BCAS helped produce and publish BS ISO 11011, which was then adopted as the international standard ISO 11011.

Jones continued;  “Before ESOS, assessments of compressed air systems were either not done at all or relied on non standardised procedures and tests.  Unfortunately some of these were unsuitable, inaccurate, too expensive and ultimately non productive.  This has now changed with ISO 11011.”

The standard identifies the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the assessment and considers compressed air systems as three functional subsystems; supply, transmission and demand.

It provides a structured framework for data analysis, reporting and documenting any findings.  The assessment then identifies estimated energy savings and a targeted action plan.

Jones concluded; “It is always worth doing an energy audit on your compressed air system, which will often yield significant cost savings.  Check with your service and maintenance supplier that they apply ISO 11011 to such an audit.”

BCAS offers a day’s introduction to ISO 11011 at a location of your choice.  Alternatively several BCAS members offer a third party assessment service to meet the requirements of ISO 11011.  For details of the day’s introduction and BCAS members visit


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